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The Christian and Missionary Alliance has partnered with Advisors with Purpose to offer you the opportunity to work with an Estate Advisor who can help you think through your decisions regarding your estate and create for you a unique Estate Plan for your will that reflects your life, faith, and values. These services are free to you, fully confidential, there is no obligation, and we promise that no one will sell you anything.

A staggering 60 percent of all Canadians lack a current, up-to-date Will or do not have one at all. If our Will is the last statement we will make, it is important that it be a meaningful one. Many people are not aware of the benefits of good planning, the variety of options available, and the potential tax implications of certain decisions.

While creating a plan for your Will, you will learn about any tax implications, discuss the best way to pass on your stuff, think about who the best executor would be, and consider your specific situation. Simply stated, creating a plan for your Will ensures that your stuff will be distributed in the most tax efficient way while taking into consideration your life, your faith, your values and your dreams.

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Our partners at Advisors with Purpose host a variety of webinars and you are invited to join. 

Please click on the title to register for the webinar(s) that interest you.

March 30 at 3pm Eastern: Setting your House in Order – Estate Planning for Senior Adults – Lorne Jackson

More than 60% of families have done little to no planning but it’s not too late to set up a plan. You may or may not have a Will but is it up to date and complete? Have you chosen a good executor and are they prepared for the job? Have you considered options for how to transfer your assets to your children or heirs in a way that is best for both of you? Have you considered the tax implications of registered assets and planned for those? Have you considered leaving charitable gifts in your Will? Have you spoken to your family about your choices, and do they know your wishes? Our partners at Advisors with Purpose are hosting this webinar for people over 70 that will help you answer these questions and more. You can join online or by phone.

April 27th at 8:30pm Eastern:  Not just your principal residence – planning well for investment propertiesChantel Gibbs

Planning for your principal residence may be simple but perhaps you own a vacation property, a foreign property, a rental unit, undeveloped land, or other investment properties. How do you plan well for those in your Will? Our partners at Advisors with Purpose are hosting a webinar that will examine the tax implications and challenges of property and how they can be best handled in your Will and Estate plan.

May 25 at 7pm Eastern: The joy of generosity – the what, why and how of planned giving – Lorne Jackson and Abraham Somovarapha

You’ve seen the ads, read the stories and watched the commercials about legacy giving but are unsure what it means and how it’s done and whether it is the right thing to do. In this webinar hosted by our partners at Advisors with Purpose, two advisors of different generations will answer those questions and explain the difference your generosity can make not only for the recipients but for you as well.

June 20th at 8:30pm Eastern: Thoughtful Will Planning for those remarried or in blended families – Chantel Gibbs

Blending families and finances can become complex but good planning can help ensure that your Will reflects your new situation while ensuring that every person, situation, and asset is considered. You are invited to join us for a webinar hosted by Advisors with Purpose that will present solutions and ideas that need to be addressed.