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A Priceless Inheritance

Elaine and Harry did not think estate planning was for them - after all, other than some life insurance, a bit of RRSP savings and the family cottage, they had little financial assets. And really, their four kids would certainly not get rich from what would be left to them.

But when Elaine and Harry met with an ADVISORS with Purpose estate specialist to ensure that their Will was current and biblically sound, they were genuinely surprised to learn that they would leave an estate valued at close to $675,000.00 -after a potential tax bill of around $74,000.

After considering several options Elaine and Harry chose to add a fifth child as a beneficiary to their Will - a "Child Called Charity". This option allowed them to eliminate the tax bill and leave a little over $150,000 to each child.  But the real blessing came when they saw that they could leave a gift of over $135,000 to charity.

Never in their life had they been able to make that kind of donation.

 Child Holding Small HeartAnd when Elaine and Harry told the children how, through their Will they could have significant impact in making a better future for everyone, the legacy they left their children was indeed priceless.