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To get started, contact an estate specialist at ADVISORS with Purpose and begin making your  decisions today.

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The Principle of Stewardship

Recognizing and acknowledging that we are not owners but caretakers is a foundational principle of stewardship. Everything that has been entrusted to us will be distributed when we die and we have been given the important responsibility of deciding how that distribution will happen.

Working with an estate specialist will help you continue the giving long after you've gone, answer questions about your estate, and help you to align your wishes for impact today and beyond.

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How much is enough for me?

How much is enough for my family?

How much is enough for charity?

Answering the "how much is enough" questions can be very liberating for those with a lifetime pattern of giving and along with it, the opportunity to bless charities through their Wills.

Our friends at ADVISORS with Purpose will help you navigate what can be confusing waters. We have partnered with them so that we can serve and bless you for your support of our work.

In creating a custom-built plan that fulfills your goals and priorities, they will help make estate planning not just a pleasant experience, but one with eternal significance as well.

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