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We do not know how long we are here on this earth. But while we are, we want our lives to count - to make a difference. And so we invest our time, our talent and our treasure to build a better world.

We work, we build and we accumulate. The assets we accumulate during our lifetime allow us to live and serve today. Deciding on the disposition of those assets beyond our life can allow a charity to continue serving tomorrow.

Did you know that only 9% of the average person's assets are in the form of cash and yet over 90% of all donations to charity are in the form of cash? That is a significant amount of untapped wealth that could be used for charitable work. Good estate planning with a stewardship focus can release those resources so they can be used to sustain benevolent work for generations to come. Jars Cropped 4

Most Canadians are interested in giving from their estates if presented with the opportunity and the mechanisms to do so and yet...

  • only 4% of Canadians give to charity through their Will and

  • 60% of Canadians do not have a current Will

Giving through your estate can allow you to give a donation much larger than you may have been able to give during your lifetime. Large one time estate gifts can relieve the pressure on the budgets of charitable organizations.